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i am jill, i believe in gender equality not superiority. i also believe in the art of housewivery.

things i enjoy to do include playing board games, dancing like no one is watching, hanging out with my good friends stefanie, jaimee, turtle, murray, isaac, chuck, cedes, and matt. i also love going to shows and rocking out, screaming, making clothes/being a merch-girl, filling out surveys, playing in the 99 cent store, and taking pictures of myself to further my vanity.

my biggest weakness is the male population, especially the kind who are:
slightly metrosexual
wear nicely fitting jeans
listen to metal core AND modest mouse
drive old man cars
play in bands
have hair that takes longer to fix than mine
love jesus

when i grow up, i want to be a soccer mom with tattoos, stretched lobes, a few (nicely spaced) piercings, a station wagon, a college education, a two story house, a white picket fence, and a husband who spends more money on clothing than i do.
this summer, i'm going to attend the pre-college summer program at california college of arts for fashion design, which would be the ideal career.

ps- read crimethInc manuals. you will thank me.
pps(?)(pss?)- if you REALLY want to judge me by the music i listen to, read my info.
that is all.
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i say yes because you sold me on the 99 cent store, the headband and your hair is awesome.
99 cent stores are SOOOO much fun
thanks for the compliment! i love big hair... ha