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new blood

I am nicole i hail from poteau , oklahoma it's basically like the town from what's eating gilbert grape 'andora'.
I'm really into music.i make most of my clothes with the exception of jeans, i collect lamps and old posters, i think i was born in the wrong era.mmmm i love skirts and halter tops.I also think like, and loving someone is overrated.Favorite movies ::: the royal tennenbaums, joe dirt,nightmare before christmas,resevoir dogs,american historyx:::Favorite bands>>>knock em stiff,BTBAM,snowpatrol,the dresden dolls,grave robbin bastards,converge,norma jean,sonic youth.
i don't read alot but the book i remember most is "suff the child" a girl with multiple personalities,who was raised in a cult.If i could acomplish anything this summer it would be to make button shoes, and come back from california with tons upon tons of shit that i'd never find in oklahoma.
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