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Not sure how commonplace guys applying to this community is...

Well, this whole free-form application thing could be a blessing or a curse. I'll just start rambling.

As far as music goes... I am told that I listen to alot of "gay boy hardcore". I just call it noise. I also listen to generic metalcore. I have a pretty fluid taste in music, my playlist can go from The Bled to Enya to Billy Joel to Daughters to Yasunori Mitsuda. It's fun.

Movies, well, as far as those go I'd have to say that I lean more towards what I suppose is labelled as "independent", but I don't label it as such... I don't feel the need to label everything I listen to/watch/read to create my identity. Harmony Korine is amazing. Sam Raimi is good.

Books? I don't even know how to label what I read. 1984, Animal Farm, Brave New World, The Fountainhead... those are good as far as books go. I'm also drawn in by books like Days Of War, Nights Of Love interest me greatly.

To the community... well... to be honest, all I'd bring are smart ass comments if/when I vote against someone. I could possibly have something relevent to say, though.

Here's some porn

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